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  • Huge database of high quality, updated profiles
  • Get 3X the applicants that directly apply on wisdom jobs
  • Get massive reach and more exposure for your jobs on wisdom jobs
  • Get the best talent for your recruitment needs faster and cheaper

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What You get

Seamless job management with easy candidate follow-up and career page integration.

Candidate screening tools/Candidate management

  • Screen and track your applicants through the user questions.
  • Pragnya meter tool to screen the top talent.
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Simple posting process with unlimited edits

  • Post your jobs and update it multiple times
  • Increase the number qualified applicants for your jobs
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Applicant tracking system integration (ATS)

  • Automatically integrated job postings with your ATS
  • Easy tracking and applicant tracking management
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Mobile optimised postings

  • More than half of the job seekers traffic is on mobile only.
  • Mobile jobs postings enable you to search and apply jobs from any device
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  • Receive alerts straight to your inbox whenever a new candidate search and apply to your poste jobs.
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