Custom Sourcing Solutions

  • A custom sourcing service that helps recruiters, hiring managers and start-up owners avoid the hassles of sourcing
  • Delivers curated resumes of interested, ready-to-be-interviewed candidates based on the specific requirements of the open position, while taking the cost implications of dealing with a recruitment agency out of the equation.
  • Helps you avoid the long contractual obligations that typify working with a hiring agency.
  • From one-off talent searches to month-to-month hiring requirements, Quick Source caters to a wide spectrum of sourcing needs.

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What You Get

Save time and receive relevant responses using our intelligent filter technologies

Improved candidate outreach for Recruiters

Helps internal recruiters focus more on candidate outreach and closing positions thus improving productivity in the long run.

Enhanced control over hiring plans for Hiring Managers

Helps hiring managers plan out their long-term hiring needs while benchmarking all potential talent for a function.

Hiring Management

Better candidate response rates for Start-up Founders

Helps start-up founders to have better control over the candidate experience from the very first contact and to improve response rates for open positions